Cosmic Auria: Ultimate Nail Polish CSPR

The Cosmic Auria ultimate nail polish making CSPR.  

Create Glow in the dark, Thermochromic, Photochromic, Magnetic, ultra chrome nail polishes and many many more with our CSPR.

Super unicorn pigment can also be used too

The CosmicAuria Ultimate nail polish making CPSR!

Our Cosmetic Product Safety Report Package deal is the most extensive nail polish report available for nail polish makers. It will cover all of our 3 bases, our 16 liquid pigments, various micas, flakies, pigments, ingredients. In addition to that it will also cover a large amount of new products to arrive to CosmicAuria. Our CSPR is valid throughout the EU

You can create Glow in the dark, Thermochromic, Photochromic nail polishes with our CSPR. Super unicorn pigment is included and many many more is covered in our CSPR. Pigments from other suppliers sourced** can also be used if the ingredients comply with those on the list.

MSDS must be obtained via the Supplier to check and for your PIF.

**Suspension bases and liquid pigments used must be purchased from Cosmic Auria for CSPR to be valid.

Our CSPR has a highly extensive list of ingredients and variants. This is a large legal document and it is your responsibly to go through it to check the CSPR. Most products used in nail polish are covered. If there is an ingredient that you would like to add, please contact us

This Cosmetic Product Safety Report is valid forever and is only  ever subject to change from any changes in the current standing European Cosmetic laws and regulations.

Please note CARMINE CI colourant is on the cosmetic safety report as an optional colourant. We do not have or sell any products with Carmine in, nor will we intend to in the future.  We do not and will not sell any ingredients with animal products in. Thank you.

We Will update the CSPR free of charge if WE need to amend a base or ingredient. However if this change is on your behalf eg change of name, responsible person, address needs to be changed on the CSPR then the Chemist charges £40 for change of details and filing per base assesment. So if you need 1) gloss 2) glitter 3) matte base then that will be £120 as £40x3

if you also need 4) matte topcoat 5) ultra shine topcoat 6) base coat then this also is £120. If you need both then this is £240. 

Then chemist will the update, re issue date and check under your new details

PLEASE READ.  What we will require

We will need you to fully confirm that you have read the FAQ below and Disclaimer below, agree to the conditions and fill and complete our CSPR Application NDS, Terms form (which will require a written date and signature) that we will email to you, before we make a decision. 

MINIMUM of 2-3 orders* consisting of liquid products eg suspension base and liquid pigments before we will even consider application. *single very large order containing liquids 'may' be considered.

**OPTION of package for £279  if not wanting the MATTE SUSPENSION BASE. Only gloss and glitter base pack.

Acceptance is to our discretion and we have the right to refuse those we feel our CSPR may be not be suitable to. In such circumstances, we will be happy to discuss further options that may be available to you, if you are in need of a nail polish CSPR.

What we will need if application is successful

  • Business/ Company name (if applicable)
  • Full name of the responsible person - Please note this is how it will appear on the report
  • Address - No PO Box addresses .
  • Email Address - Please make sure that you can be contacted via this email address
  • and payment of £329  (CSPR's on this level are worth over 3k, so you are getting a great deal)  **OPTION of package for £279 if not wanting the MATTE SUSPENSION BASE. Only gloss and glitter base pack
  • Cosmetic reports are generally completed in 2-10 working days. You will also receive them in a secure PDF document format via Email. A PIF template will be included in the email as well as a one time use 10% off unique to you voucher for the entire store   (this code is not redeemable before application is accepted and CSPR is purchased). You will also be notification list if we update and further expand our CSPR.

This is a legal document linked to CosmicAuria. This document has taken significant time to produce in conjunction with a industry leading formulation chemist.

Contact us at: for purchasing and details


Will I be able to make unlimited nail polishes as long as the ingredients conform to the ones on your CSPR?

Yes, as long as suspension bases and liquid pigment are purchased from Cosmic Auria, all other kinds pigments can be used as long as the ingredients conform to those on the CSPR! This is the most comprehensive and extensive CSPR available to UK and EU indies!! A huge amount of ingredients are covered.  You will be able to make: glow in the dark, thermochromic, photochromic, super unicorn shades and many many more to come to CosmicAuria are all on our CSPR. In addition to that we have 15 liquid pigments of the highest pigmentation, 4 suspension bases and many unreleased products on the CSPR. All categories of exciting colours can be made and the possibilities are endless! You will be in for a treat!

Will the CosmicAuria nail polish making CSPR cover all your Bases and liquid pigments?

Yes, the CosmicAuria nail polish making CSPR will cover nail polish made from all of our 4 suspension bases, all 15 of our liquid pigments purchased from CosmicAuria and many more pigments and variants to come.

How many nail polishes will I be able to make?

As many as you like, this Cosmetic report will offer you the most freedom while still being covered. There will be no limit to the amount and variations of colours you can make as long as the ingredients conform to the CSPR. This is a very extensive CSPR and covers many things and is valid throughout the EU.

Will the CosmicAuria nail polish making CSPR cover Cosmic Glows top and base coats?

No, you will need the CosmicAuria top and base coats CSPR package no 2, for our Ultra shine top coat, Vitamin intensive power grip base coat and Matte attack top coat.

Do I need to send you any of my nail polishes?

No if it is made with any Suspension Bases purchased from Cosmic Glows, and the other ingredients sourced comply with the ones on our CSPR, the Cosmic Glows cosmetic safety assessment report will cover you.

Will the CosmicAuria nail polish making CSPR ever expire?

No the CSPR is valid indefinitely and is only subject to change if any changes are made to the current European cosmetic regulations.

Can I use glitters, pigments, powders and micas from other suppliers and sources and be covered with the CosmicAuria CSPR?

Certainly! As long as those products and the ingredients/ INCI/ CAS no comply and conform with those on the CSPR. You will need to check that they comply, that will be your responsibility to see if they do and to obtain MSDS/ CAS/ TDS from the other suppliers for your PIF.

Can I purchase your CSPR and then use and be covered for Suspension base and Liquid pigments obtained from sources other than CosmicAuria in my nail polish?

NoThis CSPR will be invalidated for those products. Please see corresponding answer below VV

But I bought Suspension base and Liquid pigments from previous/ former suppliers of similar ingredient products, can these be used and will I be covered?

No. This CSPR is assessed and is ONLY valid using Suspension bases and Liquid pigments purchased from CosmicAuria (Previously Cosmic Glows.) The CosmicAuria CSPR will NOT cover nail polish made fully or partly with suspension bases and liquid pigments purchased from other sources other than CosmicAuria. This CSPR will be invalidated for those products. This is a LEGAL document per European laws and must be abided to.

I would like to add an ingredient to CSPR/ Use an ingredient not on the CSPR, what are my options?

The CosmicAuria CSPR is a highly extensive document and has a very very large amount of ingredients on it and the ingredient your looking for may be on the list. However if there is an ingredient you find not to be on the list and you would like to add it on or have any queries regarding ingredients, please contact us at:

Can spectraflair be used or added to the CSPR?

No we cannot add spectraflair to the CSPR. We do not sell Spectraflair and it must not be sold in powder form. It must be predispursed in Suspension base as per the manufacturer. As mentioned above Suspension base obtained from other sources than CosmicAuria cannot be used in any polish covered by the CosmicAuria CSPR. The CSPR will invalidated for polishes made using this.

What is a CSPR and why do I need one?

If you make or sell Cosmetics to the public, you must hold a CSPR Cosmetic Safety Product Report as per European legal requirement. Any product that goes on the body is classed as Cosmetic and you will need different CSPR's for different types of cosmetics.

Can I just purchase your CSPR without completing our application?


Why do I need to fill in a CosmicAuria CSPR application NDS, terms of service?

This helps our team decide easier, this is our and our chemists work and is the decision we chosen. You are very serious about your indie brand professionality, growth and wanting to use CosmicAuria as your supplier. This/ the application helps to us understand your specific needs, brand and if and how we can further work best with your indie brand. This also helps protect you, helps protect us and helps protect our chemists work. It helps us to help you.

Can I receive a refund or exchange for the CSPR?

No, refunds or exchanges cannot be given on the CSPR. This is a Legal document prepared to the named person with details given to us from you or your allocated person on behalf of yourself. Please check all details are correct as we CosmicAuria cannot be held liable for your errors

Will Brexit affect the CSPR or the current cosmetic rules to comply with?

Please read here (external link) All cosmetics for sale in the UK will need UK responsible person, and all cosmetics for sale in the EU must have an EU responsible person.

Please note, the CSPR will cover many new products to be released to the Cosmic Auria store, however new products may be released in the future which may contain ingredients not listed, it will be your responsibility to check and if they are not listed and you would like them on your CSPR, please contact us at:

Disclaimer: Cosmic Auria and affiliates will not be liable or responsible, if you do anything (explained above) to invalidate your CSPR.

We reserve the right to refuse sale of our CSPR. And we reserve the right to change information at any time without notice